Metal-Projekt structural design company was founded in year 1957. It was founded by prof. Marijan Ivančić and prof. Vuk Milčić, a team of leading regional experts in steel structures design.

Over the first 15 years prof. Milčić was the company general manager. This period was marked by numerous large infrastructure projects throughout ex-Yugoslavia, such as Zagreb Airport Terminal, all major TV towers in Croatia (Učka, Biokovo, Mirkovica, Ćelavac, Psunj, Sljeme (old tower), Kalnik, Lička Plješivica, Srđ) and Industrial plants for various production lines (Steelworks Sisak, Steelworks Štore, TAM Maribor, IMT Beograd, IMR Rakovica).

By the year 1972. prof. Milčić has moved to Civil Engineering Institute, while dipl.ing. Branko Gospodnetić became the new Metal-Projekt general manager. These were the times of largest expansion, when the company was employing 10 to 20 engineers and technical personnel. The period of 1970s and 1980s was marked by large projects abroad, aforemost Metal Industry Complexes Riesa (Germany), Ostrava (Czech Republic), Hama (Syria), Varna (Bulgaria) and also the plants Kralupy (Czech Republic), Renault Novo Mesto (Slovenia), Petrochemical industry Kutina, Coke plant Bakar. In 1988. dipl.ing. Boris Vranješ became the new general manager. He has been in Metal-Projekt since 1970. working alongside prof. Ivančić and prof. Milčić.

In early 1990s, the company was now privately owned and dipl.ing. Boris Vranješ continued as the general manager of Metal-Projekt Ltd. He still holds this position today, as the leading design engineer and authorised state reviser for steel and composite structures. In late 1990s, a new positive swing came to Croatian civil engineering environment, which enabled Metal-Projekt to grow and employ more young prosperous engineers. Under the guidance of dipl.ing. Vranješ, over the years they became leading structural design engineers of the generation. Over this period Metal-Projekt delivered many design projects in Croatia and abroad, with a larger number of reconstruction and strengthening designs for existing structures. Some notable projects over last couple of years include Zagreb airport new terminal, Reconstruction and strengthening design of Sava railway bridge in Zagreb, Reconstruction design of „Koking“ facility in Sisak oil refinery and Reconstruction and strengthening design of TV towers Lovćen and Bjelasica in Montenegro.

Today Metal-Projekt employs a team of skilled structural engineers. It is a company with a strong market position and a constant flow of high quality design projects, thereby continuing a longlasting tradition as the leading steel structure design company.